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BBA Hall of Fame Results

Roberto AlomarBert Blyleven

The BBA (Baseball Bloggers Alliance) was formed in 2009 as an internet version of the BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) and was created to vote on and produce awards in a similar fashion.  As a member of the BBA we are given ballots for all major awards and the Hall of Fame.  154 ballots were cast and here are the final voting results:

Roberto Alomar, 75.97%
Bert Blyleven, 75.97%
Barry Larkin, 70.78%
Jeff Bagwell, 62.34%
Edgar Martinez, 59.09%
Tim Raines, 54.55%
Mark McGwire, 44.16%
Lee Smith, 38.96%
Alan Trammell, 35.71%
Don Mattingly, 33.12%
Larry Walker, 31.17%
Fred McGriff, 27.27%
Jack Morris, 25.97%
Rafael Palmerio, 20.78%
Dale Murphy, 16.23%
Dave Parker, 12.34%
Harold Baines, 10.39%
Kevin Brown, 9.09%
John Franco, 7.14%
Tino Martinez, 5.19%
John Olerud, 5.19%
Al Leiter, 4.55%
Bret Boone, 3.90%
Juan Gonzalez, 3.90%
Marquis Grissom, 2.60%
Benito Santiago, 1.30%
Bobby Higginson, 0.65%
Charles Johnson, 0.65%
Kirk Rueter, 0.65%
Carlos Baerga, 0.00%
Raul Mondesi, 0.00%
BJ Surhoff, 0.00%

The BBA has correctly predicted 14 of 16 awards voted on since it’s inception.  I am glad to see Alomar and Blyleven get their due but very sad that us internet bloggers found a way to keep Bagwell, Raines, and a few others out.


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2011 HOF Ballot

Hall of Fame

Here is a quick look at the stacked 2011 Hall-of-Fame ballot and who I would definitely vote for, who I would definitely leave off, and who is borderline (in order from top-to-bottom):

Yes No Borderline
Roberto Alomar Dale Murphy Alan Trammell
Jeff Bagwell Jack Morris Barry Larkin
Bert Blylevan Dave Parker Edgar Martinez
Mark McGwire John Franco Larry Walker
Tim Raines Juan Gonzalez Fred McGriff
Rafael Palmeiro Don Mattingly John Olerud
  Harold Baines Kevin Brown
  Tino Martinez  
  Bret Boone  
  Raul Mondesi  
  Bobby Higginson  
  Al Leiter  
  Marquis Grissom  
  Benito Santiago  
  Lee Smith  
  Carlos Baerga  
  Charles Johnson  
  Kirk Rueter  
  B. J. Surhoff  
  Lenny Harris  

My “Yes” group is the group I would vote for 100% of the time, no questions asked.  The “No” group is the group that I would say no to 99% of the time.  I may give a vote once or twice to a couple of the guys if I was given 1000 votes but that’s about it. 

My “Borderline” group is a group that has compelling cases for but, me being a “Small Hall” guy, I am on the fences.  Yes, The borderline group, even some of the no group, are better than some guys already in the HOF but that is not an argument for someone to be enshrined.  The only thing that accomplishes is watering-down the HOF, and I am not about that.

If I were a Small-Hall guy I would probably vote for my borderline group, but I am not a Small-Hall guy.  As it stands now I would probably vote for Trammell, Larkin, and Martinez.  I plan on making a case for each in the “Borderline” group soon.  Stay tuned…

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