Chicago Tribune HOF Ballot is Laughable

January 2, 2011 at 8:54 am 6 comments

Chicago Tribune

7 Ballots were cast and here is the vote total:

 Player  Votes
 Roberto Alomar   7
 Tim Raines   5
 Burt Blylevan   5
 Jack Morris   4
 Lee Smith   4
 Barry Larkin   4
 Don Mattingly   2
 Alan Trammell   2
 Larry Walker   2
 Harold Baines   1
 Dave Parker   1
 Edgar Martinez   1
 Jeff Bagwell   0
 Rafael Palmeiro   0
 Mark McGwire   0
 Kevin Brown   0
 Fred McGriff   0
 John Olerud   0


Not a single vote for Bagwell?  No vote for Palmeiro or McGwire.  Harold Baines has a vote.  Lee Smith has 4 out of 7 votes.  Tim Raines is at least getting some respect. 

I definitely have a bone to pick with Dave Van Dyck’s ballot.  I don’t have a problem with a small ballot.  Heck, I love them.  I wish that I had the ability to look past some of the lesser cases and only vote for the top 1%.  Mark Gonzales tried to do that with his ballot and he had the best ballot of anyone on the Chicago Tribune staff.  He only listed three names:  Alomar, Blylevan, Larkin.  I’m okay with that because those three could be considered the best on the ballot outside of Bagwell. 

Van Dyck’s ballot also only listed three players:  Alomar, Morris, and Smith.  I honestly thought I read it wrong.  I read the column again and that is who he voted for.  My blood started boiling.  How can you possibly put Morris and Smith in over about 10 other names that are more worthy?  I can understand if he filled his entire ballot out 10 deep but he did not.  He appears to have neglected any first balloters and took Morris and Smith over the two better pitchers on the ballot (Blylevan and Brown).

Paul Sullivan’s ballot also made my blood boil.  Listing only four players:  Alomar, Raines, Smith, and Baines.  Seriously?!?!  Baines?  Over the other hitters on the ballot.  And not just the position players but Baines over Edgar Martinez is inexcusable!  Again, if you include Smith and Baines you need to have at least filled your ballot 10 deep.

You can read the other ballots here: Phil Rogers, Fred Mitchell, Teddy Greenstein, and Philip Hersh.

I am at a loss for words…


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