Are On-Field Celebrations Out of Hand?

May 12, 2009 at 3:10 pm 2 comments


A hitter pinch-hits and sends a ball over the fence for the go-ahead run and mocks the pitcher’s closing sign. Another player gets plunked in the head and then takes the pitcher who hit him deep in his next at-bat and stares him down and gives aggressive high-fives as he rounds the bases. Another hitter homers and fist-pumps as he reaches first and again at home plate. Were these players out of line? Well, that all depends on the situation.

(photo by Yahoo)

In the picture above we see Casey Blake mocking Brian Wilson’s symbol that he portrays at the end of games he closes out. Was Blake wrong for mocking him? In this case, I believe so.

According to a quote Yahoo used in an article Wilson said, “It shows no disrespect toward anybody. It’s all positive praise. It’s not for showboating. It’s not to start an epidemic. It’s just me getting a quick message out to the world and to Christ and that’s it. I just thought, `What more perfect time to display my faith than at the end of a game?'”

If Blake was mocking him because he was showing disrespect then I would say Blake was right in line with this mocking, but that was not the case and Blake should apologize.

(Photo by YES Network)

In the above picture we see Aubrey Huff imitating a fist pump that Joba Chamberlain has become famous/infamous for in his young career. Was Huff out of line with his two fist pumps after he homered off of Joba? I believe not.

First off, Joba Chamberlain would be the one out of line if there were someone out of line. The guy was seen throwing fist pumps with loud yells as he struck out hitters when his team was down 4-3 two starts ago. Not cool. Secondly, Huff was just giving Joba a little taste of his own medicine and did so in a “fun” way. According to The LoHud, Huff had this to say: “He’s done it a couple of times to me when he’s struck me out. For me, it’s just in good fun. I always told the guys that if I get him, I’m going to give him a nice fist pump. For me, it wasn’t really showing anybody up. I was just trying to have some fun with it. He does it all the time and I figured you know what, why not?”

I believe Huff and I am glad he did what he did. Very glad!

(photo by Bleacher Report)

Lastly, we see Ryan Braun celebrating a home run he hit off of Ryan Dempster the other day. Braun took a pitch from Dempster clear over the left-center field wall for a homer. Braun then eye-balled Dempster the entire the way to first, gave an aggressive hand-slap to the firstbase coach and the third base coach, hit his helmet (I’ll get to that in a minute), and yelled and waverly trotted from third to home. Was Braun out of line? This one is up for debate becuase he was hit in the head the at-bat before but I believe he was still a bit out of line.

(Here is the video of the scene)

Braun was trying to bunt in the previous at-bat and a mid-70s breaking-ball got away from Dempster that hit Braun in the head. Braun then took a 2-1 pitch about 400 feet away and began his cocky celebration.

Now, I do think a short stare of the homer and a quick glance at Dempster would be suffice. The HBP was a clear accident. Braun got him back by taking him deep and should’ve left it at a stare and a glance, not the ridiculous trot he performed.

I am a fan of celebrations. I think they are good for the game as long as they are done in good taste and in good fun.

-Jonathan C. Mitchell


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Charlie Nehl  |  May 13, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    After reviewing the Ryan Braun ‘hitting’ you can plainly see that the ball hit his bat and not his helmet. As as you said, you don’t throw a 70 some odd breaking ball at a guy. If you’re going to hit a guy, you throw a fastball in the ribs or behind the guy, not some off speed pitch.

    If any are over the line it was Casey Blake…. and the Braun trot was a bit much.

  • 2. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  May 13, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Yeah. I really am not a fan of Blake’s mocking and I think Braun should’ve just given a small stare and trotted.


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