Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

July 31, 2007 at 2:21 pm 7 comments

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The MLB trade deadline passed without any “Big” moves other than yesterday’s Teixeira deal. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t any winners and losers. Trades were still made. Some were very good trades while others were not so good. Here are my winners and losers of this years trade deadline:


Braves – The Braves got a great hitter in 1B Mark Teixeira. Plus he is a Gold Glover and improves the infield defense right away. He also slots perfectly inbetween Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones. The Braves had to give up a lot (Salty and Andrus) but they already have their catcher of the future in McCann and two shortstops that can play in Renteria and Yunel Escobar. They also added lefty reliever Ron Mahay and Octavio Dotel. Dotel is a great addition. Remember how dominate he was as a set-up man in Houston a couple years back? He is going to be very good here. The Braves made themselves the front-runner to take the NL East.

Red Sox – They got what they needed. Eric Gagne. Gagne had to wave his no-trade clause, especially since he won’t be closing and won’t reach incentives in his contract. The Red Sox made it worth his while. They picked up $2.1M in his performance bonuses while Texas picked up $400K. The Sox also traded away incumbent Joel Pineiro to the Cardinals for a player to be named later. They had to send some cash to make up for the salary but they still save. The Sox are also going to get Curt Schilling back soon plus Matt Clement has started rehabbing. The Sox are the favorites to win the AL now. They have the best pitching in either league.

Rangers – Yes they were sellers. Yes they gave up their best hitter and best reliever. But they werent’t going to win this year and Gagne is only signed through this year and Teixeira through next year. They got a catcher in Jarrod Saltalamacchia that can be a 25-30 homer catcher in Arlington. They also got a 19 year old shortstop in Elvis Andrus that has major tools. Don’t be fooled by his minor league numebrs, he’s faced pitchers 3-4 years older at every level. Plus three more minor league pitchers from the Braves: right hander Neftali Feliz, left hander Matt Harrison (who can be a very good #2-4 starter) and left hander Beau Jones. Plus they got pitcher Kason Gabbard and minor league outfielders Engel Beltre (17 years old) and David Murphy. They also got catcher Max Ramirez from Cleveland for Lofton. The Rangers re-stocked their system and are set to be good for years to come. Great job as sellers!

Mets – The Mets have had a hole at 2B since Jose Valentin went down for the season. They filled it with 2B Luis Castillo. Castillo is a Gold Glover, a veteran that has played in the playoffs, and he is a .300 hitter that can steal bases. He will slot nicely into the #2 spot behind Jose Reyes. He can become a free-agent in the offseason and the Mets have talked about signing him. Even if they don’t they will get compensetory draft picks when he signs elsewhere. Great move. The Mets tried to land a reliever and offer Phil Humber for Chad Cordero and were turned down. I thought it was a very fair trade. Good move by not offering more for Cordero.

Rays – You’re thinking “they didn’t do anything big!” That’s a good thing. The Rays have offense, we know that. The even have some decent starters. They need bullpen help badly. They traded Ty Wigginton (and saved $4M on him next year) for Dan Wheeler. Wheeler is now re-united with former pitching coach Jim Hickey who made him into a great reliever. Under Hickey he had a 2.38 ERA in 158 IP with 146 strikeouts and only 46 BB. The Rays also got Brian Shackelford form the Reds and minor-leaguer Calvin Medlock who is fireball reliever with a good change. The Rays also did the right thing by not trading Wheeler and Reyes. The Rays hold an option on Reyes for about $2M next year and that is a bargain. The Rays are making great strides to compete in the very near future.

Phillies – They added 2B Tadahito Iguchi to fill in for injured 2B Chase Utley. They stole reliever Julio Mateo from Seattle. And they added a 5th starter in Kyle Lohse for an organization arm. They also just got Brett Myers and Tom Gordon back and Jose Mesa has been pitching great of late. It’s going to be hard to reach the Mets and Braves but they can make a serious run now. It will be an exciting September once Utley gets back! What a race the NL East will be.

Padres – They got a veteran utility player in Rob Mackowiack for nothing. They got a 3B with patience and power in Morgan Ensberg for nothing. And they got 3 pitchers for reliever Scott Linebrink while his stock was still high. One of those relievers is in the major league pen now! One (Will Inman) can be a #3 starter in the Majors, especially in PETCO. Good moves yet again by Kevin Towers.


White Sox – They did nothing to help them this year or next year or the next. Nothing! They should’ve traded Dye. They will get the draft picks but I’d rather have proven prospects. I thought Kenny Williams would’ve definitely done something.

Yankees – They got a back up infielder in Wilson Betemit but they had to give up a reliever. They needed bullpen help! They needed pitching help! They did nothing to help the pitching staff. They also did nothing to counter the Gagne move the Red Sox made. I do have to say they did the right thing by not trading Phil Hughes ot Joba Chamberlain though. They also should’ve traded Melky Cabrera while his value is at it’s highest. He is a 4th outfielder in my opinion and some teams veiw him as a regular. They should’ve jumped on something for a pitcher.

Indians and Tigers – Each one of these teams needed bullpen help and neither did anything to widen the gap between the two. The Indians got Lofton earlier which is a great but they badly need a reliever. I guess the Tigers figure Fernando Rodney and Joel Zumaya will be ready soon because they needed bullpen help badly.

Mariners – Not only did they not get any pitching help they traded away a middle reliever with a mid 90’s fastball in Julio Mateo. I’m glad they didn’t trade Adam Jones for a reliever but I would’ve offered Wladimir Balentin for some pitching help. They also need to call Jones up. This team dropped the ball.

Nationals – They signed Dmitri Young and Ronnie Belliard to extensions. They didn’t trade them for prospects. They balked at Phil Humber for Chad Cordero. Jim Bowden needs to lose his job! The moves he made were not only stupid but they make no sense. This was a team that had no chance of contending and it should’ve been hard for them to make the Loser list but they figured out a way.

-Jonathan C. Mitchell


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  • 1. charlie  |  July 31, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    Jim Bowden is a HORRIBLE GM. He should have been fired along time ago. He never makes trades that help the Nationals future. They could have gotten some good prospects for Cordero, Young and Belliard. Where is Nick Johnson when he comes back healthy? Young switch hits, so is Johnson gone from his few injury plagued seasons? I hear the Yankees are looking for a first basemen again. Heck Javy Vaquez isn’t even on the Yankees any more.

    Honestly, the biggest winner for me are The Rangers and the BoSox. The Rangers got some GOOD prospects for once in their trades. Some of which, namely Salty and Gabbard, that would have immediate impacts. The Bosox got the big setup guy they really needed while dumping off disappointment Joel Pineiro. The Braves faired well, but still have HUGE holes in their rotation.

  • 2. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  July 31, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    I think you’re right that the BIG winners were the Red Sox and the Rangers. But I would add the Braves in the mix. They do need another starter but they can now score runs in tons and have a GREAT bullpen.

  • 3. xjoe87x  |  July 31, 2007 at 4:51 pm

    Once again Jim Bowden continues to have me scratching my head… First, last year with Soriano and now this year with Cordero and Young … Cordero is on the downward spiral in his career and they needed to trade him to get decent prospects while they still can. Dmitri Young is hitting .330 and Bowden could have gotten something good in return.

    The biggest winner is the Braves.

  • 4. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  July 31, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    I agree with everything you said Joe. Bowden will never get any higher value for Young or Belliard who is hitting around .295-.300. He had to make moves. I thought he was a good GM until the last two years. The Braves are the biggest winner in my opinion too.

  • 5. MikeMcGinnis  |  August 2, 2007 at 7:02 am

    whoa whoa whoa! let’s put the yankee haterade down for a second here guys. listen i critize the yanks when it’s just due but, in this case i think you have to give them a pass and maybe declare them a winner because they didn’t just plunge head first for some high risk aging pricey vet at the expense of their farm system. realize, with cahsman trying to preserve his farm system and having a lot of pricey vets he could only do so much. i wasn’t crazy about them dealing proctor but, a change of scenery was perhpas necessary for him and depsite his decent era the past month the walk and the key hits allowed were a killer.

    i wouldn’t shock me to see kyle farnsworth gone at the waiver wire or in the off season. he’s burned a lot of bridges in the bronx.

    i really have been all over giants gm brina sabean the past few years. but, i called for nats gm jim bowden’s head at the beginning of the year for not dealing alfonso soriano last season and now this!?!?! he has to go!

  • 6. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  August 2, 2007 at 8:17 am

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the Yankees. I really do believe they needed pitching more than anything and they blew it by not only not getting an arm but by dealing one away. I heard rumors of a Farnsworth for Wickman deal and all they had to do was throw in a C/B level prospect and the deal would’ve been done. No Hughes or Chamberlian. I just think they need help for the Wild Card push and they missed it, but they still have the waiver wire.

  • 7. MikeMcGinnis  |  August 2, 2007 at 5:46 pm

    i wouldn’t touch wickman with a ten foot pole i think he’s shot. i knowq the yanks were interested in prying damaso marte from pittsburgh but, nothing happened.

    i agree though there was a need for an arm in the pen and farnsworth not proctor should have been the one to go.


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