Sonnanstine Showed Flashes of Brilliance

June 6, 2007 at 8:27 am 8 comments

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I watched the game last night between the Rays and Jays (albeit on TiVo at 1:30am) and Devil Rays rookie Andy Sonnanstine looked a lot better than the 6 runs he gave up on 8 hits in 7 innings in his major league debut.

First off, it is very rare to give up 6 runs on 8 base runners (actually 7 because Lind was caught stealing). Three of those runs were on a 3-run homer by Lind too. Sonnanstine threw ten of his first 11 pitches for strikes and he had 4 strikeouts through the first 3 innings. He also gave the Rays their third straight start of at least seven innings. He didn’t walk a single batter while striking out 5. He threw only 90 pitches and 67 of them were strikes.

Sonnanstine threw from about 3-4 different arm alots. He does need to keep the ball down more to be successful. He may not over power you but he throws so many pitches, he’ll throw them in any count, and from different arm slots. Ask Alex Rios who struck out in both of his first two at-bats on 3 pitches each!

I like what the Rays are doing by giving the kids a chance to join th rotation. The rotation of Kazmir, Shields, Howell, Sonnanstine, and Jackson looks good. It could use another name change but that might have to wait. Anyway, look for Sonnanstine to build off of his performance and be a very good major league pitcher.

-Jonathan C. Mitchell

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  • 1. MikeMcGinnis  |  June 8, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    i will keep an eye for this kid in his next start. i will say it right now i would love to see these young kids the rays keep stockpiling to pan out and make them relevant in the AL races on of these years. i see it happening in two years perhaps that will be moment the rays have to make a move.

    correct me if i am wrong are the rays getting a new stadium?

  • 2. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  June 8, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    I wish they were getting a new stadium! Stu Sternberg is trying to get one in Tampa but city/county officials are shooting down the idea. He claims there is only 5-10 years of life in the Trop but the team has 20 years left on the lease and St. Pete owes more than $100M and someone would have to pay that. When they start winning more they can seriously start putting a plan together to get a stadium in Tampa, until then they are stuck.

    Did you hear a rumor or something?

  • 3. MikeMcGinnis  |  June 9, 2007 at 7:16 am

    i hear this deal about a new stadium a year ago on a yankees/devils rays game but, obviously that has not come to fruition

  • 4. MikeMcGinnis  |  June 10, 2007 at 1:05 pm

    hey, i know you were watching today…..the kids looked brilliant versus the marlins!

  • 5. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  June 10, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    I was! 10 K in 7 IP and only 2 runs. No walks! The kid is looking great! Plus he was 2-3 with an RBI and run.

  • 6. Joel "THE GREEN MACHINE"  |  June 10, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    SP is starting to look what happens when the rays get the bullpin straight..its going to be the talk of baseball!!!

  • 7. Jonathan C. Mitchell  |  June 10, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t with til they have Price up and Wade Davis and Jake McGee in the future. If I ran the team I would put Jeff Niemann in the closer’s role and see how dominate he can be. I don’t think he can stay healthy enough to stay in the rotation.

  • 8. K. G.  |  June 20, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    As long as Andy stays out of Colorado I think he’ll do fine and I agree he’s looked much better than his numbers show which is what I’ve said about Riggans (then he goes and gets hurt).

    Every year there are rumors about the stadium situation and there are often misguided talks about the current stadium. It was not that nice originally as it was built quickly and cheaply from old technology plans for a stadium like the Kingdome albeit with a cheaper slanted roof to save on air conditioning and with those crazy catwalks (The atlanta falcons roof has similar materials and catwalks but they kept them up high) that with the slanting of the roof lowered them to where they could come into play too often and can block the view of fans if enough show up due to some success or for opening day sellouts.

    It was built quickly so a team could come here as MLB used the Tampa Bay area to extort money from other areas as leverage or they’d threaten to move the team to the Tampa Bay area and promised the Tampa Bay area would get a team for twenty years before we sued our way into getting the one we have and to keep things even another team had to be let into the league as well so AZ got a team – of course MLB gave the Tampa Bay team to a guy who would not do anything with it and not to the guy who wanted it and sued for it and then ultimately the guy from Tampa suing for the team dropped his suit since a team was finally awarded to the Tampa Bay area – and of course Steinbrenner who lives and works and makes his money in Tampa from our shipping industry had to move the Yankees spring training and minor league team to Tampa just in time to create problems for the Rays and of course the miami team who like in all sports tried to keep the miami team as the only Florida team (and block the Tampa Bay area from getting teams) and was supposed to change their name from Florida to Miami since they don’t represent the whole state, bought a championship just before the Rays arrived and to the fish’s credit they then used the subsequent fire-sale to get enough talent to win another one.

    But MLB made them make improvements to the trop and since then they’ve made more improvements the last two years. I’ve been to plenty of parks and stadiums and besides the sometimes problematic catwalks the stadium is pretty nice with the seats close to the action and with a nice 72 degrees and no rain and no bugs and no humidity. Of course the Tampa Bay area is the lightning capital as well and a roof is needed for that as well and if another stadium is built at some point it will have to have a roof (retractable or otherwise) and it will almost always be closed especially starting sometime at least in May until the end of the season especially once the wet season starts with all of the every afternoon rains.

    I don’t know how they can sit through a game in that steam box in Miami. I even got fried at a game in Atlanta and besides the no roof there are good similarities with the Trop. Shea and Yankee stadiums are being replaced. KC did their stadium right and even though it’s been around a while now it is nice. Dodger stadium is a dump. The Angels redid their stadium well and it is like the Trop minus the roof. Texas’ stadium has posts in some fans view, I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Fenway and Wrigley as well etc, and the rest have been replaced already….

    Is the Trop ideal? No. But it is not that bad and it is not the problem. The problem is and always will be the product on the field. When people see that they are at or near the top of the standings or are on a long winning streak then they will (and have for during that long winning streak lou pinella had a few years ago) show up in greater numbers.

    Also what bothers me having lived all over the Tampa Bay area including Tampa, Spring Hill and Clearwater and other parts and all over the nation and parts of the world due to serving my country is when people suggest that all of the teams have to be in Tampa (we should rename the Bay to a name of a great Floridian so people won’t confuse the area with where an actual game is being played). I don’t believe Stu said anything about definitely putting it in Tampa or I’d like to see that reference. I know there are talks about possibly putting it in Tampa, but there are also talks about putting it closer to the bay with a view in St. Pete like where Al Lang is now (although that area seems a bit tight for an MLB stadium unless they totally change the roads and all in that area and take over other properties etc). There is talk of putting it just east of 75 so it would be closer to Orlando and still be somewhat easy for the people to come up from Bradenton and other points south. Of course people from the northern parts of the Tampa Bay area which goes from Citrus county down to around Ft Myers, the people from the North would have a harder time having to drive all the way east to get to 75 which is why the Suncoast Parkway is such a God-send for them.

    But the main thing is that being a Lightning season ticket holder I’ve always heard that more season ticket holders for the Lightning come from Pinellas then any other county and that’s straight from their staff. So if people can drive east across a bridge they can drive west as well and since we are talking about an area and not one (self imposed little as far as the technical property lines go) city why shouldn’t at least one of the pro teams be in a different county?

    If they are in the Tampa Bay area and they are in a state-of-the-art (in the future) stadium then I’ll be happy (especially if they try to field a winner), but the stadium is not that bad and when one hears that it is bad it is usually someone spewing sour grapes like geoff blum recently did and/or they are using old data from when the Trop first opened like lazy out of town reporters do or a someone who for selfish reasons just wants it closer to them.

    Pinellas and Hillsborough both have a million people and with the other counties nearby there’s millions more, so neither county has more of an argument than the other to why they should have the stadium. T

    The part about the lease is true and at this point I bet many non-die hard citizens would rather the other county build the next stadium if it means not having their own taxes raised. Stu talked about trying to raise the funds himself and if that is the case then everyone will want it and then it comes down to what location is really best for the team. Also leaving a Rays game (even on opening day which is a sellout) is easier than leaving a Bucs or a Lightning game. Some talk about wanting the next stadium near the Bucs stadium, well they better talk Steinbrenner into moving and giving up the space. I don’t know where in downtown Tampa they could put it. A water view would always be nice.

    Plus the national media likes to pile on so they talk bad about the Trop even when most of them haven’t even been here. If a team wins and then has a down turn or other bad news they down play the news, but if a team like the Rays has bad news they pile on and say of course they have bad news and they down play the Rays success. This year has been actually the best I’ve seen the national coverage for the Rays and I guess it’s because they like the current owner better or something. Although there is still plenty of piling on going on especially by jim rome.

    Wen the Rays were more ignored it was better for keeping good secrets in fantasy ball like in the past when Jonny Gomes and Cantu were doing well and no one that doesn’t follow the Rays knew it until Rays fans like myself scooped them up. Now one can’t wait to pick a Carl Crawford because he won’t be there later.

    I agree I can’t wait until those pitchers you mentioned get brought up. I hope Price wasn’t over used already though.


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